For 70 years Trafag thermostats have proven their robustness in order to withstand the most adverse environmental conditions. Industry usage ranges from air conditioning applications to engine and ship manufacturing and even to offshore oil and gas platform production. The appeal of Trafag thermostats lies in their high switching point precision even after decades of operation under harsh conditions without maintenance. Various sensor and casing designs cover a wide range of temperatures and possible applications.

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Measurement principle

A capillary tube filled with liquid reacts to a temperature change as a result of the principle of thermal expansion. This expansion is detected using a precision structure which switches one or multiple microswitches.

Sensor systems and accessories

  • Sensors that are fixed or can be mounted freely
  • Copper (Cu), Cu nickel-plated or stainless steel sensor material
  • Nickel-plated bronze or stainless steel protective sensor tube
  • Additional capillary tube protection

Design variations

  • With internal or external temperature adjustment
  • Internal or external measuring scale
  • With or without a manual reset switch
  • With or without switching differential adjustment
  • Switch designs for inside or outside applications
  • Optional capillary tube safeguard
  • Single or double-step circuit
  • CE, EX or ship certifications