Trafag pressure transmitters are used for electronically measuring and evaluating pressure. Over the decades, they have proven themselves in a multitude of demanding applications in harsh environments. They are available in many different designs to suit pressure and electrical connections, measuring procedures, electrical output signals and certifications (CE, EX, rail and ship). Superior technology and precise manufacturing ensure that the transmitters work perfectly, especially in areas where high requirements are placed on long-term stability, vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance or temperature insensitivity.


Thin-film-on-steel (welded and O-ring free)or thick-film-on-ceramic pressure sensors are key components of Trafag pressure transmitters. Both sensor technologies as well as the ASIC (application-specific microchip) have been developed and produced in-house. As a result, compact pressure sensors and electronics work in perfect partnership and achieve a unique level of long-term stability and reliability even under the most adverse environmental conditions. Trafag is a technological pioneer when it comes to miniaturising robust pressure transmitters.

Thin-film-on-steel technology

  • Very good long term stability
  • Resistant at high media temperatures
  • Completely welded stainless steel sensor system without O-rings
  • Resistant to very high over pressures and ideal for nominal pressures up to 3000 bar

Thick-film-on-ceramic technology

  • Resistant to aggressive media
  • Ideal for low pressure ranges and absolute measurement
  • Economical