CANopen Downloads

Trafag is a leader in the implementation of CANopen technology for use in highly demanding areas of application. Through its membership in the umbrella organization CiA (CAN in Automation), Trafag was instrumental in helping to establish the Standard of CANopen Technology.

At a very early stage, Trafag already built up experience in the programming of CANopen and was one of the first manufacturers of pressure transmitters to bring an acceptable product of serial manufacture to the market. Because of its compact design and well-deliberated program structure, it was unique.

Trafag was able to extend its lead through a further innovation, the introduction of the CMP 8270 CANopen Pressure Transmitter in an even smaller miniature design. Still one of the smallest CANopen pressure transmitter in the market, combined with excellent stability, robustness and comprehensive CANopen functionality, it is the first choice for demanding application like mobile hydraulics or testing equipment. And of course certified by CiA (CAN in Automation).

Advantages of CANopen:

  • Link to other bus systems (e.g. Profibus)
  • Longstanding basic experience from the automobile sector (CAN-Bus)
  • Low costs; savings potential in wiring effort
  • Broad-based market offering of measurement devices
  • Function assurance in harsh environments
  • High transmission reliability
  • Real-time capability
  • High level of application-specific configurability of the bus system (e.g. Multimaster compatibility)

Services offering:

  • Sales consulting
  • Comprehensive project support
  • Adaption/extension of software to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Detailed software tests (increase in system stability)
  • CiA certification
  • Mechanical adaption
  • Sampling
  • Possibility of subsequent software updates


Trafag CMP Configurator Software V1.7

Windows Driver x32/x64