Miniature Hydraulics Pressure Transmitter NAH 8254

The compact Miniature Pressure Transmitter NAH 8254 is the ideal choice for precise pressure monitoring in countless applications. Thanks to the extraordinary robustness, reliability and the 0.3 % accuracy, the NAH 8254 suits well for applications like mobile hydraulics, machine tools, refrigeration and process technology.


Bubikon, June 2015 – The heart of the new pressure transmitter NAH 8254 is Trafag’s very robust and extraordinarily stable thin-film-on-steel sensing element which remains accurate and reliable even under rough conditions (like pressure peaks, high temperatures or shock and vibration) due to the triple overpressure safety and the fully welded design. The electronicsz are based on the in-house designed ASIC, an application specific microchip which achieves optimal temperature compensation and linearisation of the measurement over the whole operating temperature range.
The NAH 8254 is a preferable device in applications which require an accuracy of ±0.3 % and/or temperature compensation and linearization of the measurement over the wide operating temperature range of –40…125°C. The absolutely tight construction above 60 bar combined with the wide operating temperature range are ideal preconditions for outdoor applications like mobile hydraulics.
The pressure transmitter NAH 8254 is readily available in the pressure ranges from 0…2.5 bar to 0…600 bar. The output signals comprise 4...20mA, 0...10V, 0...5V, 1...6V and 0.5...4.5V (ratiometric). The popular pressure connections as well as the electrical connections M12, DIN industrial standard and cable options are available.

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