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NAH 8254 pressure transmitter 20kHz

The NAH 8254 pressure transmitter with a cut-off frequency of 20 kHz is ideally suited for highly dynamic pressure measurements: the extremely robust design, which has been tried and tested in mobile hydraulics for years, is combined with fast electronics that – thanks to Trafag's own mixed-signal chip – can reproduce even high-frequency pressure gradients without distortion, regardless of sampling rates.

NAH 8253 pressure transmitter with 0.1% accuracy

The accuracy class of 0.1% makes the NAH 8253 pressure transmitter the first choice for all measuring tasks requiring high accuracy in combination with reliability and robustness. Thanks to the superior long-term stability of the thin-film-on-steel measuring cell and the overall design, which the series has successfully demonstrated in construction and forestry machines for more than 10 years, NAH 8253 pressure transmitters work practically drift-free even under harsh conditions and therefore – unlike conventional precision transmitters – do not have to be recalibrated and readjusted.

DPC 8380 and DPS 8381 electronic pressure switch with integrated logger and NFC

The integrated logger function and the versatile and easy parameterization via Android app make the electronic pressure switches with DPC or DPS display an indispensable measuring instrument for those measurement tasks that are set up quickly and flexibly. While the DPC 8380 has a ceramic sensor cell and is therefore suitable for all media, including corrosive media, the DPS 8381 stands out with its robustness and resistance to pressure peaks thanks to its thin-film-on-steel sensor cell. With the "Trafag Sensor Master" smartphone app (available in the Google Play Store), the measurement parameters can be configured quickly and easily. In addition, the measurement data can be downloaded to the smartphone as freely readable tables via NFC and further processed or sent by e-mail.

CMP 8270 CANopen miniatur pressure transmitter with 0.1% accuracy and temperature measurement

The miniature CANopen CMP 8270 pressure transmitter has proven its value in many stationary and mobile test facilities with its accuracy of 0.1%, extremely compact design and extensive CANopen functionality. Well-known automobile manufacturers rely on the CMP 8270 for testing their prototypes, which even works reliably and precisely when the vehicles are pushed to their limits.

New high accuracy pressure transmitter ESH 8845 0.05%

It is the perfect high-end solution for customers in the test and measurement industry which are seeking for highest accuracy and a robust design. The ESH 8845 with high-end piezoresistive sensor element is available in pressure ranges from 0.1 bar to 100 bar, various output signals, electrical and process connections, including also flush and frontal membrane process connections.